November 20, 2011

Make up Inspired Look: Selena Gomez Love You Like A Love Song

Hye all.. First of all, sorry for being away for almost 2 weeks from my make up tutorial..

Well, guys. If u dun mind i really want to make it my first english entry.. Can aaaa???? we rojaklah.. Hahahahaha

Okeyh-okeyh.. Still, if u dun mind, i really want to say............. sorry for my bad english+my bad grammar ever.. its a very long time didn't writing an essay okeyh!

For almost 2 weeks disappeared from making any tutorial, today!!! At least.. My video. Still inspired look from selena gomez.. Coz if all of you still remember, i have promise to make this look three weeks or a month ago.. Erk!! 

But it's okay rite? At least i try to endure my busyness.. huh? 

Nah... here the pic for this look..

ouh! well... this isn't me.. hahahhaahha

And this is me.. Please do ignore the line on this picture.. I dunno what the problem with my streamix.. Everytime i have to upload pic on my blog, it will happen like this. Sigh!

Well dear, for the video.. I know u can't stay patience.. So, this is it!!

Do like and do subscribe my channel.. For any request, do not hesitate to leave comments on my blog or on this video.. U can also like my facebook page for more updates!! hik3.. for the first time my entry is in fully english.. sengal suddenly. Well, im not that good to speak in english... But writing?? Yeah! i do love it.


naturactor code 152
pixy natural beige

black eyeshadow-elianto
purple eyeshadow: romantic color
black cream gel eyeliner- essence [coci-coci at midvalley]
01 chill out- highlight, essence [coci-coci at midvalley]
black mascara- silky girl lash prism 01 blackest black

lips and cheeks
lip pallet- matte red
blusher-pink roses

Okeyh dearieeeee.. Done! Bubye!!


RazFiRa said...

wah memang same :D

DeeaNash Dania said...


Nurul Mazni Sawal said...

@RazFiRa: huhuhu.. same ker?? klu same maknenye menjadi.. yeayyyy!!

Nurul Mazni Sawal said...

@DeeaNash Dania: tengs dear.. cuba tau!

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